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Alexia Cocolas | Chris Slabber | Dirk Bahmann | Frederick Clarke | Guy du Toit | Johan Thom |  Maaike Bakker | Meëk Meëk |  Neil Nieuwoudt | Stefanie Langenhoven |

The fear of death is the most primal and oldest of the fears. Its effects all living beings from singular cellular organisms all the way through to the human species. It stems from the inherent instinct in life to attempt to survive. It will automatically mobilize all the individual’s resources into the fight or flight response when threatened.
Humans evolved an awareness of death around 150,000 years ago. The most common strategy that we have developed to manage it, has been denial and suppression. This denial is expressed in numerous forms.
If one reflects on the cruelty and brutality of human history it can inevitably be traced back to this the most fundamental and basic of fears. However, all attempts to stem the relentless waves of death have, and will be futile. This exhibition attempts to stare into the eyes the abyss and lovingly embrace it as essential ingredient of our condition.